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8 Accessible Walks in Greater Victoria


Victoria boasts some of the most scenic locations in all of Canada, it many of the locations have wonderful accessible walks for everyone to enjoy! Here’s our list of the best accessible walks the Greater Victoria has to offer.

victoria inner harbour

The Inner Harbour

Victoria’s inner harbour infrastructure has recently been expanded to stretch from Fisherman’s Wharf in James Bay all the way to just below Chinatown. This delightful walk will take you through some charming parks, underneath the Johnson St. Bridge, and, of course, through the harbour proper where one can enjoy buskers and vendors throughout the summer months.

While the entire walk is wheelchair accessible, be aware that it can get very busy in some locations, and certain areas require traversing a ramp or two to pass through. Occasionally, music festivals or other events may block certain locations. The beauty of this walk lies in the ease with which you can join or leave at any location, as well as the many amenities just a few steps away at most points.

Victoria Breakwater

The Breakwater

A few years ago, protective railings were added to Victoria’s Breakwater, and now it’s a completely safe 3km round trip walk to the tip and back. Completely flat and quite wide at all segments, the breakwater offers fantastic views of the Olympic Mountains and often provides close-ups of visiting cruise ships during the summer months.

One of the highlights of this walk is its proximity to the Breakwater Cafe (see our list of Victoria’s best restaurants for seniors), where you can relax and enjoy a coffee or a meal before or after your excursion.

Willows Beach accessible walkway

Willows Beach

The jewel of Oak Bay, Willows Beach has a paved beachside walk with a large parking lot. The accessible area is just over 1 kilometer long each direction, and there is a non-accessible option to continue up to Cattle Point. Catch stunning views of Mt. Baker and the Gulf Islands, and enjoy a snack or cup of tea at the Kiwanis Willows Beach Tea Room, a volunteer-run concession that offers basic take-out fare.

Playfair Park

This small park offers a surprising selection of accessible trails, including an extensive Rhododendron garden that blossoms each spring. The highlight is the Garry Oak meadow that houses one of Victoria’s most pristine Camas fields. Flowering in April or May, Garry Oak meadows are Victoria’s original landscape and are the most endangered ecosystem in all of Canada.

West Song Walkway

Starting at the Johnson St Bridge, this meandering waterfront walk takes you on a journey of downtown vistas, seaplanes, tidal flats, and luxury marinas to finish in Esquimalt beside the Matson Lands, a well-maintained and preserved piece of natural landscape.

Some stretches of the pathway are narrow, and the wooden boardwalks may be slippery in rainy weather, but there are no stairs the entire way along this path. For the adventurous out there, short pathways dart into bluffs and beaches that can be enjoyed as well.

Island View Beach

Located in Central Saanich, this completely flat, waterfront pathway is also home to a dog beach, a large grassy area, and a small campground. With plenty of parking and gorgeous views, Island View Park is a must-see for any beach lover.

Government House

Situated in the prestigious Rockland neighborhood, Government House is the seat of the monarchy in Victoria. The volunteer-maintained gardens are some of the most popular in all of Victoria, with rose gardens, ponds, and the occasional deer.

There are sometimes events that occur during the summer months.

Beacon Hill Park

Victoria’s flagship park features many kilometers of flat, paved walkways and is home to Victoria’s petting zoo. A smattering of man-made ponds, a pitch and putt, a cricket field, and several resident peacocks add to the ambiance to make this an essential stop for anyone living in or visiting Victoria.


These accessible walks weave a tapestry of natural beauty and urban allure. From the vibrant Inner Harbour to the tranquil Willows Beach, each stroll not only offers breathtaking scenery but also reflects Victoria’s commitment to inclusivity. As we stride into the future, the integration of technology and dedication to accessibility ensure that these paths remain inviting to all. Whether you seek the bustling energy of downtown or the serenity of coastal landscapes, Victoria’s accessible walks promise an immersive experience, inviting residents and visitors to forge lasting connections with the city’s diverse and captivating surroundings.

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