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About Us

Compassionate Home Care for Seniors Since 2017

Our mission is to provide exceptional home care services for seniors and individuals with disabilities. We do this by offering a wide range of personalised and compassionate care services to promote independence, dignity, and quality of life.

We strive to enhance the well-being of our clients, and are dedicated to meeting each individual's care needs by providing the highest level of care possible.

Everyone deserves to live in comfort and experience joy — and our professional caregivers enable us to make that a reality for every client.

We Take Pride in Our Professional Caregivers

Success is a fully licensed care organization that specializes in providing qualified and compassionate caregivers to our clients. Our mission is to offer exceptional care solutions that improve the quality of life of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Our company was founded in 2017 when Bo Jia saw a need to provide quality care to individuals in Victoria and Richmond, B.C. He was inspired to do so by handpicking and training dedicated caregivers, and pairing them with the perfect clients. His efforts have enabled him to bring seniors peace and joy throughout their golden years — from the comfort of their own homes.

When seniors and individuals with disabilities need extra support, our caregivers step in to provide comprehensive care services. Browse our list of care services here, and feel free to contact us about additional care solutions you or your loved one may require.

We Ensure Each Caregiver Meets the Following Standards:

  • Has a certificate in Medical & Health Care or the equivalent training or experience
  • Passed a criminal reference check with vulnerable sector screening
  • Has an up-to-date immunization and passed TB screening
  • Has a standard first aid and CPR certificate
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in the field of senior care and disability care
  • Flexible to travel to different areas
  • Ability to work with a wide range of diagnoses and conditions
  • Reliable, respectful, and kind

Our Corporate Team

  • bodden jameson

    Bo Jia

    CEO and founder

    The man behind the concept and the entrepreneur who would not quit. This is not the only helping business Bo owns; it is just one of many. He thrives helping others. He may be the owner and mastermind behind the company, but his strong desire to include staff in decision making and his love of all people are what motivates him to support the elderly and people living with a disability. His staff describe him as approachable, passionate and kind. He is an overcomer in many life aspects. When he was told that a company that supports others would never be successful, he named his business Success. He has a heart for his staff, his clients, and everyone he meets. He studied at the University of Victoria and years later returned to start his company in the same area.

  • Dr.Eva Holsinger

    Dr. Eva Holsinger

    Medical Consultant and Trainer

    Part-time Professor, full-time doctor and full-time mom, Eva graduated as a doctor of medicine in 1999 from the University of Oklahoma and specialised in Pediatrics. She currently works at Success as needed and teaches in patient and outpatient clinical work when she is not volunteering at various facilities to support orphans with disabilities and the elderly.

  • Dr. Brian Holsinger

    Curriculum Consultant and Medical Trainer

    Full-time teaching doctor with Success.Care who supports Success.Care employees and is available to the staff for questions and curriculum development. He majored in Osteopathic Medicine in 1995 with a speciality in Family Medicine with an interest in Geriatrics. Brian enjoys cycling to and from work (even in a snowstorm) and is a nutritionist and staying fit enthusiast.

  • Leanna Greene

    MA, ECE, OCT
    Lead Professor & Client Relations

    After doing a double Major in Sociology of Child & Adolescent Development and Psychological Brain Growth at York University, Leanna finished her Masters at the Ontario Institute of Education Studies at the University of Toronto in 2005, with two certifications (Special Education, Early Childhood Education) and eventually went back to get a certificate in Behaviour Economics at Rotman School of Management. She worked overseas as an educational trainer, administrator and consultant in ten countries. Liana has worked  with Success since before the pandemic began and now works closely with the medical staff, clients, Healthcare workers and the government entities to provide holistic care for clients. If you are speaking with Liana you will no doubt hear kids in the background as she often has them with her wherever she is. 

  • Sunny Dong


    Sunny wears numerous hats and holds a leadership position over many at Success. Yet she possesses a huge amount of humility and is easy to talk to. Sunny holds a Bachelor in Business and English but do not let that fool you, she also has many hours of training and a strong background in First-Aid and CPR as well as Emergency Knowledge; she is the go to for all these questions. She has passed the teacher exams and is continually adding to her expertise. She has been with the company since 2014 and balances the finances, government programs, marketing, legal stuff, and care training. If it happens, Sunny is part of it full-time plus overtime and somehow makes time to take her young son to the park and library. She can be found conversing with employees and supporting them in all areas of work and life. Everyone loves Sunny and she is committed to excellence, honesty and client well-being. 

  • Johnny Hsing


    Have you ever met someone who had a contagious smile and laughed with a strong force that made you want to be part of the conversation? You have now! Johnny heads up curriculum, is a super educator, a skilled organiser and the liaison between employees and the professors. He proctors exams, follows up on training, checks in on the Caregivers’ well-being and makes sure that everyone has what they need. He graduated with a Bachelors in English; has been with the company almost a decade; has a strong First-Aid and Medical Technology background from years of facilitating; and is constantly supporting the company in various areas.

  • Rachael Peterson

    Rachael Peterson

    BA, App.Linguist.
    Assistant Manager & Client Relations

    Island living Rachel is an English tutor by trade but a communicator by heart. She is also witty and highly intelligent, so be prepared to giggle a lot. If you cannot find her, check Starbucks or a flower-paved trail. She recently joined Success.Care and works part-time to ensure that all communication is clear, and adds an element of family and culture to the team. She has a triple minor in English, Anthropology and Film Studies with a post-degree in Applied Linguistics, so you can imagine the wealth of wisdom she brings to the team. You will often find her writing and creating documents, and generally ensuring the team is on the same page. She strives to lift others up, create strong connections, support active listening, and provide constructive feedback.

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